It is in no disguise that the emergence of COVID-19 has put the entire world into an economic depression. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a small or large business, the pandemic has taken a disastrous toll on it. Despite so many efforts to revamp the plummeting economy, the baseline forecasted a sharp decline in the GDP growth with the help of market exchange rate weights. 

As a redemption measure, KYODAI popped out with a groundbreaking idea of unveiling a GIP(Global Investment Program) with its KYO coin. This digital coin is a conjunction of safe, secure, and decentralized features. KYO Coin will boast people to trade globally without any puzzlement and much confidence. 

Now let’s move to acknowledge the advantageous dimensions of a KYO coin. 

Lesser known to many, a KYO coin shrouds many potential benefits. It is now the time to have a look at all of them. 

  1. SecurityA secure platform is what a user usually asks for. KYODAI Coin and its platform has been built on decentralized blockchain technology. Nodes can check their own copies of the blockchain to reverify potentially fraudulent activity. The network itself resolves the problem by reverting to a previous version of the blockchain with no invalid transactions.
  1. Easy accessAnother important advantage of the KYO coin is that it could be easily accessed by a user. Unlike other digital currencies, it could be proficiently managed by a user. KYODAI is constantly trying to become the most adaptable and global digital currency for its users. 
  1. Ensures loyalty between partiesKYO coin is designed as such to avoid any third party involvement. It enhances trust and faith by maintaining the utmost loyalty and Genuity between two parties only. 
  1. A renowned platform KYODAI always directs its energy to become a global platform for users around the world. Our futuristic digital approach is captivating a lot of attention to set itself as a popular & renowned digital base for the users. 
  1. Easy International Transactions- There is no concrete difference between In-country transactions and international transactions. There is not any international transaction fees or red tape to navigate, that is mostly in the case with credit card payments, money transfers(internationally), and ATM cash withdrawals. International ATM and credit card fee can go as high as 3 percent, whereas in the case of money transfers, it can go to a high of 15 percent. 

  2. Affiliate Plan- Another potential benefit of a KYO coin is that it can help you get a hand on additional rewards. Simply put, any transaction with KYO coins will let you win certain rewards in the form of extra points, gift vouchers, and many more. Besides, in affiliate marketing, you can be on a winning edge i.e you can win KYO coins if you refer our KYODAI platform to others. 

  3. It’s Decentralized- The Kyo Coin digital network is distributed globally amongst thousands of nodes and users(in millions) to eliminate the need to rely on any third party. Thus, it can be said that Kyo Coin is both limitless & borderless. 

  4. It Provides Freedom- Our Kyo Coin gives you the potential freedom to carry out transactions globally. Besides, the coin offers economic stability & newfound freedoms, that act as life-blowing events. 

  5. It is a daily currency- Kyo coin is established with its foundation built on the principles of GLOBAL BUY, GLOBAL SELL, GLOBAL PAY, GLOBAL DELIVERY, and GLOBAL TRAVEL. Kyo coins can be used as a currency to get your hands on daily tasks. As a result, KYODAI  is all set to launch its e-commerce, digital asset bank, digital asset exchange, global holiday package booking platform, and real estate platform in 2021. 

Concluding Thoughts

By now, you must have realized the importance & relevance of a KYO coin. KYODAI lets you adeptly perceive the benefits of its virtual currency- KYO coin. Starting from easy transactions, to smooth access, to decentralized, and then your reliable global platform, Kyo Coin strives to be your forever digital partner for life.