We all know that in this Digital Era, the demand for digital currency is on a rise. They have come a long way with regards to both popularity and technical advancement. Giving a tough competition to the traditional form of transactions, digital currencies are here to stay for long.

Having said that, the skilful professionals at KYODAI GLOBAL have triumphantly managed to ease people’s lives. This is accomplished by the launch of our Kyo coin. Kyo coins are striving to be a global platform, economical, safe, secure, and transparent platform for users. Now is the time to have a look at the digital platforms that are offered by Kyodai Global. 

The Products & Digital Platforms Offered by Kyodai Global

There are six main platforms offered by Kyodai Global. These are enlisted as:

  1. E-commerce platform.
  1. Social Media platform.
  1. Digital Asset Bank
  1. Digital Asset Exchange
  1. Real Estate
  1. Holiday Package Booking Platform.

Let us start reviewing all of these one-by-one in a little brief.

E-Commerce PlatformKyodai’s eCommerce platform acts as a bridge between goods and wholesaler producers with online store owners or those who wish to run the same. Besides, the logistics and automation relating to the purchasing process are also made sure. The most important part of the whole system is an affiliate engine that authorizes the use of a commission meant for other product industries & goods also. 



There are some potential benefits of Kyodai’s eCommerce platform-

  1. Quick & easy transactions- Kyo coin allows easy transactions whenever you are buying a new product, unlike credit or debit payment processing. 
  1. A vast market- With a Kyo coin, you can sit and purchase with any corner of the world. 
  1. Stronger security- Kyo coin does not allow a third party to access funds from your account without your permission. Thus, more security. 
  1. Good user experience- The blockchain authorizes the exchange of information which ultimately makes it a user-friendly platform. 

Social Media PlatformKyodai social media platform is primarily for youth, business, and entrepreneurs. It is crafted as such to act mindfully and incorporate facilities that every member can cherish to give a push to their products & services via trading & branding. 



The various benefits are:

  1. Accelerates brand awareness- Social media covers more than 60 percent of users. Thus, it is the most reliable way to increase brand awareness amongst people. 
  1. Increases faith in Kyodai- Kyodai puts upfront ‘real-world proof’ that eventually increases users’ trust in us. 
  1. Drives more traffic on your website- Nothing drives more traffic than successful social media ads and posts. 
  1. Lead generation- We specialize in advertising formats that are expert in the lead generation since it is an inevitable aspect. 
  1. Increases sales- Being a crucial part of the sales funnel, Social accounts can turn a contact into a forever customer. 
  1. Strengthens awareness- Social media boosts brand credibility visibility and helps in reaching millions of people by raising awareness amongst them. 
  1. Offers support to customers- It is no disguise that now people turn their heads towards social media platforms to find a solution to their existing problems. 
  1. Helps in updating users- Social media platforms have compelled users to log into their accounts quite often in a day. This will automatically update users about ‘what’s new’.

Digital Asset BankOur Kyodai Global platform is proficient enough to serve both aspects- complete ownership of digital assets & access to fiat currency on one single platform. Kyodai’s backed loans are flexible, automatic, and cost-efficient means of generating liquidity that’s safe enough by the value of the client’s digital assets. Besides, smart contracts, algorithmic processes, and blockchain ensure transparency throughout. 

Digital Asset Bank-platform kyodai


  1. Acquire Instant Loan- Kyodai’s digital bank permits entrepreneurs and investors to get a hand on an instant loan. This loan is anchored by the market value of the digital asset placed in the account. 
  1. Transparent Blockchain Contracts- Transparent loan contracts will back & secure the ownership of the assets. These contracts will in the end get stored on Tron blockchain technology. 
  1. Cost & Taxation efficient- With Kyodai, owners won’t be obliged to pay any transaction, platform, and withdrawal fee. 
  1. You will have the ownership- Client’s will have complete authority on their digital assets. With Kyo coin, you can have capital gains and other associated benefits. 
  1. Get quick cash- No matter where you reside in the world, you can hold investment opportunities by having instant cash. Also, Kyodai retail clients can utilize a free Kyodai wallet for daily expenses. 

Digital Asset ExchangeYou will be amazed to know that there are almost 2000 exchanges where 900 have $1million capitalization for each. The Kyodai platform strives to cover all the traditional exchanges problems such as – transparency, faith, and security. 

Digital exchange platform kyodai


Let us navigate through the amazing benefits of Kyodai’s Digital Asset Exchange-

  1. Performance- The Kyodai platform is highly scalable with 24*7*365 support. Besides, it gives a brilliant user experience & high-performance code.
  1. Security- It is a safe & secure platform giving two-factor authentication. Alongside, it provides secured storage, advance audits, and privileged access to users.
  1. Innovation- Kyodai Digital Asset platform supports features like- Blockchain-based immutable storage solution and a new flash.
  1. Transparency- The expert Digital Asset Exchange platform makes users’ life easier by supporting crystal clear transparency and altcoin screening. 

Real estate market A continual increase in the population tells a lot about the expandability of the real estate field. The latest trends portray 4-5%(capital values), 3-4 %(rents), and 18%(development), but the capital remains flat at $715 Billion. Our Kyodai platform is aimed at bridging the real estate market with blockchain. Global trade and transactions are all possible in this respective area eliminating any foreign or geographical constraints. 

kyodai Real estate platform


There are numerous benefits of the real estate market, these are:

  1. With Our kyo coin, you can get the feasibility of searching and purchasing luxury properties, flats, and mansions.
  1. It supports fast and secure transactions.
  1. Kyo coins allow private transactions.
  1. There is no extra fee levied on our Kyo coin.
  1. This is decentralized.
  1. Our Kyo coin simplifies legal, transactional, and security components to purchase real estate. 

Global Holiday Package Booking Platform- We have launched a platform that can cover all the critical aspects related to travel, like-travel booking, car rental, cab booking, hotel packing, and mix package booking. Without having any border issues, our Kyo coins allow users to stay and pay in B&B’s, self-contained apartments, luxury resorts, and rental homes. We have designed our platform as such for both leisure & business travelers. 

travel-platform kyodai


Below-enlisted are some of the advantages of our global holiday package booking platform-

  1. Without any boundary issues, book your favourite hotel with our Kyo coin.
  1. It covers both domestic and international flights.
  1. Our Kyo coin takes care of the last-minute availability of products.
  1. Our Kyo coin offers Worldwide tours and flights.
  1. The Kyo coin works on a dynamic pricing model to provide customers with the most competitive rates. 
  1. There are almost more than 200,000 hotels & apartments worldwide. 
  1. Travellers can book their hotels instantly with our Kyo coin. 

Final Thoughts

All the above-stated platforms are potent enough to boost our customer’s with the much-desired revenue. Kyo coin is centring around the extent of its scale which makes it the magnet to sales and affiliate systems. Without any doubt, all the global Kyo coin holders can cherish its benefits by performing transactions across all the brilliant platforms. But, we are not here to stop, we will launch new platforms in future to make our currency in the reach of many more people across the globe. 

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