Do you know who invented money? Well, maybe or maybe not. Lesser known to many, the traditional or fiat currency was evolved with time. Earlier, there were only metal coins that possessed some value to it. Later on, paper bills came into play and never left.

Paper bills then got the name of paper notes and got widespread in the rest of the world by the 21st century. But, the rise of digital currency has shown that there is no stop to advancement in this world. The use of digital currency is a rescue option to ease down the transfer of money between two or more parties.

With digital currency in fame, some problems are persisting as high transaction fees, tangibility, storage issues, and many more(discussed further). But you need not worry as Kyodai Global with its Kyo coin is all set to take a toll on these challenges of traditional digital & fiat currency.

Difference B/W a Fiat and Kyodai’s Digital Currency!

There is a substantial amount of difference between both types of currencies. Let’s start reviewing them in detail.

  1. Legality- If we count on this aspect, then Kyodai’s digital currency is on a winning edge. A fiat currency is a traditional form of money and is regulated by some Central authority. Whereas, our Kyodai digital currency is a digital asset that is a medium of exchange and no one has control over it as it is supported by blockchain. It is completely decentralized and that’s a good thing, isn’t it?
  2. Tangibility- Unlike a traditional fiat currency that is tangible, our Kyo coins are completely intangible. Simply put, our digital currency faces fewer challenges as they managed online in the form of Kyo coins. Whereas, fiat currency can cause problems if you carry them in large chunks around the corners, everywhere. So, it won’t be wrong to say that in this aspect as well, Kyodai has earned a plus point.
  3. Storage- Kyodai Global offers its users with Kyo coins that are easily manageable and stored in a digital wallet. Since Kyodai Global is a highly secure platform there is no direct risk of hacking.
  4. Exchange option- Our Kyo coin as a digital currency is safe & reliable as it is built on the blockchain. Every transaction is stored in the blocks on the blockchain. This portrays that our currency is entirely digital that works without any much risk. You can easily exchange Kyo coins to other digital currencies like bitcoin, etherium and many more. Kyodai Global also offers its investors to utilise the Kyo coin on its other platforms like Kyodai e-commerce, digital asset bank, digital asset exchange, global holiday package booking platform and real estate market.

These are some of the prospective advantages of our Kyodai Global’s Digital Currency in comparison to a fiat currency.

In a Nutshell

By now, you must have realized the hidden potential of Kyodai Global’s Digital Coin. We are only aimed at mitigating the existing challenges of the traditional currency. Our experts strive to pave a smooth platform for their users so that they can unravel a completely new form of digital currency. Not just for easy transactions, but we have also directed our energy to create brand new platforms for our users such as – eCommerce, real estate, digital asset bank, holiday booking platform and more.